How to Make Winter the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you’re someone that doesn’t like winter, it’s because you've never learned how to enjoy it. As a Canadian winter veteran, I am here to give you everything you need to make it actually feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some of my personal favourite things to do during the holiday season:


A Mountain Getaway

My winters aren’t complete without a weekend spent on the hills. Me, my snowboard and the relaxing sound of the wind as a zip down the mountain. There is nothing that brings me more calmness than becoming one with the hill, while taking in the most picturesque of views. Now I know, some people being strapped into one piece of equipment while racing down a hill may sound more like a nightmare than a dream, but that’s what après ski is for. Imagine yourself up north in the mountains, it’s cold but you have the sun keeping you at the perfect temperature. You’re drinking your favourite beverage with your lunch, and the only thing on your to-do-list is to head to the chalet spa. I mean, come on.

The Toronto Christmas Market

Something that I love doing each winter is going to the Christmas market. It’s for all ages, and is an especially great spot to bring friends and family visiting from out of town. If you’ve never had the chance to go or never had a reason to, let me give you three. My absolute favourite thing about the Christmas market is the atmosphere. There is happy music, pretty lights, and romantic signs everywhere. It’s amazing for date night, but truly great for anyone who wants an enjoyable night out. The second thing I love is the live music! Nothing ties the market together quite like their stage. From choirs to independent artists, there are performances for everyone. My final and possibly favourite thing about the Christmas market is the food! Each year, vendors are hand-selected in order to provide customers with the most delicious evening! Don’t worry if you like salty or sweet, vegan or gluten free, they have something for all types of foodies! The Christmas market is now open until December 22nd!

The Ultimate Movie Night

This is for that one person everyone knows that truly goes into hibernation for the winter. That same person that you think is out of touch with you, but truly has nothing share because they stay home whenever means necessary. There are three things that will make or break your movie night. First and foremost is your choice in movie. I try to pick my movie based on what kind of mood I want to be in. Usually that just means Harry Potter with a side of mouthing the script, but I’ll leave that up to you. Secondly, is choosing your movie food. I typically like this is to be more of a snack situation than an actual meal, but to each their own. My suggestion? Think charcuterie board except instead of meats, swap it for different things you can roast by the fire/on the stove. Finally, is your comfort; pillows, blankets, lighting etc. I think the best options for comfort are lights out and with a cozy blanket. If you’re looking for the blanket that will upgrade your movie night, check out our beautiful mink fur blankets now available for purchase!

Skating at NPS

If you need an easy, inexpensive activity for you and the fam, this is it. Grab your favourite toque, and head over to Nathan Phillips Square for the skate of the season. Skating is completely free of charge, with the option to rent skates if needed. My favourite time to skate is at night when the rink is lit up with beautiful, colourful lights. If you’re someone who likes aesthetically pleasing pictures of aesthetically pleasing things, skating at NPS is perfect for you. Pro tip: make sure to end the night with hot cocoa and cookies!