These Netflix Shows Will Help You With Your Winter Time Blues

If you’re anything like me, then winter hibernation is a real thing. Suddenly, the bars are too far and leaving your house for plans sounds unbearable. Luckily, we live in a time where we can actually enjoy our indoor activities. Here are some of my favourite Netflix shows I like to watch to help wash the winter blues away.

 1) Suits

If you haven’t already binged watch suits, then what have you been doing? It’s filled with drama, intensity and Meghan Markle! Need I say more? This is a great show for anyone who likes a well-crafted storyline and thought provoking cases.

 2) Greys Anatomy

I am always surprised when I find out that other people don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. I have been watching for two decades now. Their episodes rip out your heart and spit it out, but truly I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have never been so connected to characters like I am to the ones of Grey’s Anatomy. This show is great for anyone that likes to feel all the feels.

 3) Stranger Things

There’s a reason Stranger Things has been so successful. It’s just so entertaining. The idea of a small town in the 80’s with a sci-fi twist is just pure entertainment. Who knew? If you’re looking from something beyond a cookie-cutter show, Stranger Things should be your next watch.

 4) Mindhunter

Okay, this might be one of my favourites right now. It’s based off the work of John E. Douglas, and it is truly fascinating. It really gets you thinking, and shows you a side of crime television that we haven’t really had a chance to see before.

 5) Queer Eye

This is the ultimate feel-good show. If you like inspiring stories with happy endings, this is for you. Not to mention, they have such great tips on topics like food, décor, fashion etc.