This Is How You Have A Staycation

Sometimes being stuck in your house during the holidays can feel comparable to a jail sentence. You’re picturing a beach, you’re craving a strong drink, and all you’re getting is ice cold weather and watered down coffee. It doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. You deserve a staycation! Here are some of the ways I like to stayca…. 

Spa Day
Who says you need a lounge chair in the sun to relax? Treat yourself to a spa day to get you in the vacation mood. Massage, nails, facial? All of the above?

Order In
One of the best things about vacation is just taking a break. Forget about making dinner, order in your favourite comfort food and take  time out from the stressors of life.

Night Out
Don’t let the weather ruin your night life. See what’s happening in the city, and plan a night around it. Check out your local comedy shows, plays and concerts!

Take A Cooking Class
Wish you were in Italy? Now you can be! Sign up for a cooking class and learn how to make your favourite dish from scratch. This is a perfect evening to spend with a significant other.

Get Creative
Been wanting change your wall paint? Always wants an indoor swing for the kids? The year is almost over. Get inspired and yourself busy with a fun home project!

Be A Tourist
Sometimes we get so swept up in the ideas of travelling the world, that we never even take the time to explore our own city. As Toronto natives, we know how beautiful it can be. Take the day and take in your town!

Do An Activity
Whenever I go out of town, I go into adventure mode. Who says you can’t do that right where you are? Think of an activity that you either miss doing, or have never done and sign up! Snowboarding? Salsa class? Painting? The choice is yours!