True Outlier of the month

True Outlier of the month


We are proud to begin our True Outlier of the month campaign. Once a month we will be highlighting someone that embodies all of the values of a True Outlier.


So what is a True Outlier?


Let’s start at the top, what is a regular outlier? A regular outlier would be someone that simply goes against the grain, or doesn’t fit in.


So what is a True Outlier? A True Outlier is not only someone that doesn’t fit in. They embody a passion that is uniquely theirs. They do what they feel is right without any care, of what everyone else is doing. A True Outlier isn’t different because they try to stand out from the crowd. They stand out from the crowd BECAUSE they are different. A True Outlier requires no blessing, and these are the people we choose to honor every month.


Later today we will be announcing our 2 True Outliers of the month.