True Outliers is back!

Welcome Back!


What a year it has been, and what a world to wake up to. In life one can choose to focus on the positive or on the negative. Here at True Outliers, we choose to be happy and focus on all of the good in the world.


Wed like to welcome back all of our current members of the tribe, as well as extend our greetings to our new members. As we take owning a True Outliers parka quite seriously, this year we have decided to screen all new customers. Our goal is to ensure anyone wearing our brand shares the values of all True Outliers.


The screening process is simple. In the cart before checking out, we require either a few sentences on what makes you a True Outlier, your social media links, and/or any articles about you. Once your order has been processed, we will take up to 72 hours and finish the vetting process. Once that is done, we will send a confirmation or a rejection email.


In addition, this year we are proud to introduce our customize option. When checking out add this it your cart in order to buy it. This will allow you to have your coat painted with whatever your heart desires, from cartoon characters, to quotes and everything in between.


Finally, we are proud to offer our bespoke option. Purchasing a bespoke coat entails being measured by our in house tailor at your convenience anywhere in the world. You will get to choose your fabrics, and overall fit for a truly bespoke True Outliers coat that is sure to last you a lifetime.


Looking forward to the season and always interested to hear from our tribe.


Happy Winter and keep safe and warm out there.