Why Mink Fur is the best lining for a coat

So we get a lot questions like, “why should I want a mink fur lined coat”, and “what is the difference between mink fur and rabbit fur, or mink fur and fox fur”. This blog post will try and answer the question as to why mink fur lining is the best.

There are many ways you could line a coat. The classic way has been to line a coat with duck and or goose feathers. This is a great way to line the parka/coat because it will keep the wearer warm, and it's the lightest of the options. It also is the cheapest way to make a coat warm.

In colder countries they decided that while feathers(be it goose or duck) are nice, fur is heavier and therefore much warmer. This evolved in the fashion world, and today there are many mainstream brands that for around $2500 dollars will sell you a rabbit fur lined coat.

Now, what are the pros and cons of a rabbit fur lined coat? Well for starters it is warmer than feathers. Also, it’s heavier so the brands selling the coat, feel like they can justify their $2500 price.

But if rabbit fur is warmer, then why do we use mink fur to line our True Outlier coats?

The answer is something we learnt after spending the $2500 on a few different company’s coats. While rabbit fur is indeed warmer than a regular down filled coat, rabbit fur has its issues. The first and foremost issue with rabbit fur is that it sheds. Yup, rabbit fur sheds like crazy. Those little hairs will get all over your outfit, and are tough to get off of your clothing. Worse than that, as time goes on( and not talking about 5 years, we’re talking about in the first few months) the shedding will get worse and worse.

After realizing that rabbit fur sheds, the coat companies starting marketing Rex Rabbit furs. Rex Rabbits have a denser, and tougher fur. The large companies hoped that this would solve their shedding problem, but it didn't. Rex Rabbit Fur won’t shed for the first few months, but after a year or 2, it will begin to shed.

Then we decided that we would try a better quality fur,  and ended up choosing Fox fur. This is even heavier than rabbit fur, warmer, and even looks prettier. We bought a few fox fur lined coats, and despite the fact that it was warm and looked great shedding continued to happen. This happened again and again with a variety of different furs and linings.

Then we decided enough was enough. We wanted the best fur. We didn’t care how much it would cost, we knew we needed the best. So we decided on Mink fur to line our True Outliers coats.

Why is mink fur lining the best?

Mink fur lining is the best, because it does not shed. That’s right! I’ll say it again, mink fur lining is the best because it does not shed.

(Now we advise after receiving our coat to hang up the coat for 48 hours, and then to use a lint roller to remove any stray hairs. To be clear mink does not shed. You are removing any hairs that were pulled out during the packing/shipping process, and any hairs that initially were not sewn in properly. After that you will not have issues with the mink shedding.)

On top of the fact that our mink lining doesn’t shed, it is also lighter. And as a miracle of nature, even though the mink is lighter it is still of the warmest furs!

More than that, mink is incredibly soft. Out of all the furs it feels so good on your skin. We all want the softest thing to protect our bodies and mink is so soft!

In conclusion, we are selling you of the best coats you can buy right now. More than that we are offering it to you for less than half the price as a lower quality rabbit fur lined coat.