Why You Should Buy Real Fur

A common question people ask themselves when deciding which coat to buy is,”should I buy real fur or faux fur.” It’s a great question, and while we respect the people who choose to go the faux route we believe that real is always better.

While it may seem as though buying fake fur is a convenient choice and a more “feel good” decision. It requires some inspection.

Historically many cultures from around the world incorporated real fur into their daily lives for centuries.However, at the start of the 20th century, fake furs made using synthetic materials and chemicals emerged in the fashion world. Phrases like “faux” or “eco-fleece” were made to compete with the more expensive, genuine fur.

Real fur is environmentally responsible. From family owned fur farms to local stores and boutiques, even on a mass scale,  real fur is a renewable resource. When an old fur coat is done with, it can be sold and restyled. It has years and years of wear, before being discarded and eventually decomposed. Old fur can even me used as compost for your backyard!(google how to do that)

However, fake fur is made in part by non-renewable materials such as plastics and nylon. When someone is done with a fake fur coat they throw it in the garbage. The problem with fake fur is that it can sit in a landfill for years and since it’s not made from anything natural it cannot decompose! That's right, in reality faux fur is worse for the environment than real fur. 

Genuine fur means quality, and real fur will last for years and years. From small town furriers to the high fashion runways of Paris and Italy, real fur means consistent quality without sacrificing the environment. 

Also as a final thought, genuine fur is warmer than faux. Would you want to be caught in a blizzard with a faux fur coat or a real one?

I’d take a True Outliers Mink Lined Parka.