True Outliers was founded in Toronto in 2018 by Moses Mandelbaum. It all began in 2016 when Moses was searching for the perfect winter parka. He wanted a coat that was beautiful, warm, environmentally friendly, and timeless. There was nothing in the market that fit his criteria and so he decided to make his own. After more than 2 years and more than 30 prototypes, the True Outliers parka was ready. In our first year we exceeded our expectations by selling out. We achieved international recognition, ranging from celebrities to large publications writing us up. A movement was forming.

 Today, True Outliers is more than a brand, we've evolved into a tribe. A collection of individuals across the world who in their core embody the ideals of a True Outlier. They are not simply an outlier, trying to stand out from the crowd rather, we are a group of people that are not concerned with what everyone else is doing. We beat to the tune of our own drum, making us True Outliers. 

Sustainability and Quality
We are proud to use real fur in our products. We come from a philosophy that strongly believes in saving our planet. Fur is the warmest renewable resource we have, and with #humansfirst as our mantra, we need to keep humans warm. We are working towards full sustainability, with a pledge that by winter 2022 we will be using only sustainable materials. Everything we sell, has gone through rigorous design, testing, and quality control to ensure that each member of our tribe always brings their A game.

Joining The Tribe 
To make it short and to the point, we are not for everyone. When a human is wearing a True Outlier product we want to ensure they embody the values of a True Outlier. As such, before checking out we ask for a few sentences about you, as well as your social media pages and or links about you. This way, when encountering someone on the street adorned in True Outliers, one can immediately know that the wearer is a True Outlier. To be clear, not all celebrities can be True Outliers, we have already rejected several…

A hold will be placed on your credit card when you check out. Within 72 hours, you will either receive a confirmation that your order is being processed and your credit card charged or you will receive an email apologizing that you cannot join us, with the hold on your credit card removed.

What If I Get Rejected?
You are welcome to try again!