“There are two kinds of companies: Those that create the game and those who play the game created by the competition. We’re in the business of making the games.”

Israel Schachter is a young entrepreneur whose marketing, personal and business acumen has been sought out on both sides of the Atlantic. Israel has founded various successful ventures in the technology and healthcare industries and has demonstrated considerable experience in strategic management and leadership of early-stage companies. Most recently, INTURN, a tech startup in the world of fashion/retail which he co-founded, closed a Series A round of funding for $9.7M.

Over the years, Israel has consulted and volunteered for various charities worldwide and as the successful producer of many fundraising and awareness events, has single-handedly raised in excess of $30 million dollars for these causes.

Israel has overseen all elements of Charity Bids’ development since its inception and is responsible for managing Charity Bids’ day-to-day operations. As a person who is incredibly creative and resourceful, he is constantly working on designing and developing new trips and experiences to offer at charity auctions, while building strategic partnerships and overseeing marketing.

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